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Cell Phone News - Blackberry

What is a Blackberry?
by Andrew Constantine

What is a Blackberry?

The short answer to the question what is a Blackberry is that a Blackberry is a handheld organizer and phone with email capabilities designed and produced by a company called Research in Motion, or RIM, based in Waterloo, Ontario.

Since 1984 Research in Motion has been developing ways for consumers to use the handheld devices to view email, talk on the phone, send and receive SMS messages, browse the Internet, and access Internet solutions globally and wirelessly. The company has won numerous awards for its Blackberry line of products.

Putting Them All Together

What is a Blackberry best able to do? The handheld organizer excels at retrieving email and keeping users plugged into their work and personal lives with the ability to send, receive, compose, and edit email wirelessly. What sets the Blackberry apart from other handheld organizers that access email wirelessly is what the company calls its "push" technology.

Without having to login and access your email account, your email will follow you wherever you go. Even if you go out of range of the Blackberry, it is still on and will reconnect and download your email seamlessly and without further instruction when you are again in range. Users do not have to even login to receive their email.

More Than Just Mobile Email

What is a Blackberry capable of besides email? The Blackberry operates on over 50 networks and in 30 countries. It features optional call waiting, call answer, conference calling, and call forwarding. It also includes handheld organizer features such as a calendar and to do list. Some models even include a long-range walkie talkie.

Each Blackberry has a QWERTY configured keyboard with eight extra function buttons and a thumbwheel for navigation. Users can set the device to notify them of incoming email with a vibrate mode or an LED indicator. Some models offer polyphonic ring tones. The unit works on a long-lasting removable and rechargeable Lithium battery and has Flash memory. Most models come with accessories such as a holster, travel charger, and handsfree headset.

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About the Author

Andrew Constantie maintains an informative website on PDA's and Pocket PC's @ www.pda-n-pocket-pc-reviews.com