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10 Questions About Cellular Phones Answered
  1. What's the difference between analog and digital phones?
  2. What is a Dual Band Phone?
  3. What type of battery has the longest life?
  4. What's the difference between the Stand-by time and Talk time?
  5. What is a roaming charge?
  6. What are peak and off peak hours?
  7. What are anytime minutes?
  8. Do I pay for the call when someone calls me?
  9. Should I buy a cell phone or look for a free cellular phone?
  10. What to do if you want to upgrade/downgrade or cancel your service plan?
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Getting the Best Deal on Used Laptops

Laptops have become a necessity these days. Used laptops are seen as a viable option to own a laptop at a very affordable price. These are the laptops that have been used by a person for sometime and sold for some reasons. Even if the laptop is used for a single day, it is called as a used laptop.

The reasons for purchasing used laptops are many. The main reason is that, it is available at a cheaper rate than the retail price of any new laptop. The availability of used laptops has increased owing to the recycling legislation that makes discarding of old PCs very expensive. Also used monitors are used for photo editing as the CRT monitors provides ultimate color purity than the LCD monitors for editing colors. When purchasing a used laptop it should both serve functionally and at the same time save money. Doing a little amount of research by comparing and weighing various options from different kinds of sources will help in achieving the aim to buy used laptops at the best possible price.

The price of the used laptop should coincide with the features. Internet serves as a good source for searching used laptops. The working condition of the used laptop is of utmost importance.

Normally it is not recommended to buy a laptop, which is more than three years old, for the reasons that either the system would have become outdated, or the user may not be able to run the latest applications and soft wares on it. The features on the used laptops are the next important thing to be taken into consideration. The speed of the used laptop needs to be checked as used laptops run at a lower speed than the normal desktops with the same processor.

Used laptop with less than 128 MB memory is not at all recommended for buying. The screen size, resolution and definition are other important factors in a laptop. Portability of used laptops is also taken into consideration. Laptops these days are getting slimmer and lighter.

The weight of the backpack and, accessories should be kept in mind along with the weight of the used laptop to see if it is comfortable to carry. It is wise to purchase an extra battery while buying used laptops as the battery life of any laptop can be only for two years time. While buying used laptops, checking should be done if it has a wireless connectivity, if not at least should have an external wireless card, since connectivity to the internet and intranet is very common these days. Select the one with a longer range and greater speed. Check for a USB ports as older laptops may not have them. The more the USB ports the more convenient it is.

Also the hard drive of the used laptop needs to be more than 20 GB. The higher hard drive space of the used laptop purchased depends on the budget of the buyer. These days, songs and movies are stored in the laptops requiring larger hard disk space.

The most important thing is to buy a used laptop from a reputed dealer so that the purchaser can get a warranty on it.

Subasree contributes several informative articles regularly to http://www.laptopmall.info and http://www.bestusedcomputers.info which have exhaustive resources for computers, laptops and the other related accessories.

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